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November 18, 2016


CXM and CRM systems help organizations boost customer satisfaction, but CXM focuses on how customers perceive a brand, while CRM helps employees understand their customers.

What is CXM?

CXM is the combination of processes an organization uses to oversee all interactions between customers and the organization, to build and enhance customer loyalty.


Organizations must have a customer-centric strategy that presents a 360-degree view of the customer. They can use customer segmentation to organize consumers based on their interests, then create a customer journey map to predict future interactions with the brand.
63 - CXM software can integrate
82 - Accurate results
66 - Customer looks to an organization
70 - Assist consumers


CRM systems equip customer-facing staff with a consumer's personal information, purchase history and buying preferences that employees can then use to offer high levels of service and drive sales. Organizations can also use data from a CRM to determine how likely a customer is to recommend a product and how satisfied they are with the experience to develop marketing campaigns and customer service strategies.
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